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Exquisite Garden Candle


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The Exquisite Garden Candle has been a very personal and emotional project for me.

My journey to create the most beautiful candle began last August, just 4 months after I tragically lost my beloved mom to stage 4 colon cancer.

Devastated and overwhelmed by my grief I felt that I had to find a way to share my story and share my love for my mom by doing something to help others through their loss as well as do my part to battle this terrible disease.

In September of last year, I traveled to Florence, Italy, and met with the best artisan perfumer from world-renowned AquaFlor, and the historic candle maker Migone 1866. My story touched them, and they were eager to help me with this special project dedicated to the memory of my mom and my contribution to helping defeat colon cancer.

Inspired by the majestic Boboli Garden and dedicated to the memory of my beautiful Mom. Exquisite Garden’s olfactory scent is a tribute to my mom’s, compassion, beauty, and kindness.

Top notes: Bitter Orange, Bergamot, Lemon, Boxwood, Petitgrain

Heart Notes: Rose Damascena var. Madame Hardy, Jasmine Grand Duke of Tuscany, Florentine Iris

Baseline: Oakmoss

I invite you to join me in experiencing the Exquisite Garden and the fight against this disease by visiting our website and purchasing our candle, Exquisite Face & Body is a proud supporter of Stand Up To Cancer.

The Exquisite Garden Candle’s delicate scent will transport you to a dream-like state and allow you to relax.

With Love,






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Exquisite Garden Candle

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The Exquisite Garden Candle has been a very personal and emotional project for me. My journey to create the most ...
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